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Who We Are

We are entrepreneurs + designers + parents enabling kids to create disruptive business ideas.

Imagine, kids starting primary school this year will be retiring in 2083. According to MIT Technology Review, “things like creativity, adaptability, and judgment will be more important than, say, subject-specific knowledge or the ability to use a nail gun”. What could new technology change their future?

Our future leaders will learn different future skills through games and practices in 4 main areas:

Design Thinking

Design Thinking (DT) is a method for solving problems or addressing human concerns by thinking like a designer. It is a transferrable skillset that can be applied to multiple business disciplines. By becoming a Design Thinker, you will acquire both synthetic and analytical skills to think more creatively and collaboratively.


Our problem-based learning approach allows kids to use their creativity to solve complex problems that even an adult might have difficulties to come up with solutions. We provide guidance and support to teachers and students to spark new business ideas.

Build for HK

Design Thinking without doing is just a thought. Kids will partner up with experienced designers and learn all the essential skills and tips to execute their ideas. Students will experience an end-to-end design process from concept to a testable product.

Talk for HK

Communicating your ideas clearly is key to idea exchange. By mastering storytelling, you could connect your ideas to the right audience emotionally and impactfully. You can also bring your wildest ideas to life. This programme will boost your confidence in public speaking and sharpen your presentation skills.

What We Do

We make education fun

Education should be fun, relevant and personalised. We have tons of games and activities for kids aged from 5 to young adults. We have everything you need to start a Design Thinking challenge at your school. Give us a challenge, and we'll do the rest!

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